Le Gram record store are on the lookout for tracks for an upcoming VA

Le Gram record store in Renens, Switzerland always looks to do things slightly differently to the rest. Firstly, their core values a little different their upcycling ethos stretches through every facet of their record store. Owners Oscar Conway and Myles Greenwood are also a very giving pair and have given away 1000 records over the course of a 10-week period by hiding them around their local area.

As a result of their recent request for box fresh productions to play during The Le Gram VG Show the pair were so inundated with great music that they have cast the net even wider with a view to press the best of the bunch. The proposed ‘Game of Tunes’ EP will potentially come in the format of a four-track VA but as their recent Instagram post informs this may change. So, producers of all genres should get their thinking hat on and get in the studio to wrap up that show-stopping beat you have been sitting on.

Any producers wishing to enter should send their best track (one per entry) to info@legramvg.com.

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