Houghton Festival 2021 edition is already sold out

We recently brought you the news that Houghton Festival was due to make its return after two very unfortunate years (2019 because of deteriorating weather conditions and 2020 because of COVID-19).

Less than one hour ago, the festival Facebook channel announced the 2021 edition is completely sold out, with the majority of tickets sold on pre-sale to existing previous attendees and 2,000 tickets on general sale. The team behind the event explained that “due to extremely high demand this happened very quickly and has left many people disappointed. A large amount of the tickets were rolled over from Twenty-twenty leaving a limited amount available for this year’s presale and general sale”.

The much-beloved UK festival, made from the Gottwood crew and curated by Craig Richards, made very clear about their intentions. In fact, they set the subtitle for this upcoming edition to be “We will return with the force of three years in one”

We will keep our eyes peeled for information about the lineup, in the meantime watch this space and… see you very very soon, Houghton Festival!