FVTVRISTICA turn one with an extended family shindig

Italian collective FVTVRISTICA will be rolling out the red carpet for their supporters and guest DJ’s alike when they push the button on their first birthday celebration extended on Saturday, July 8th. In only one year this dedicated team of heads is already main collaborators with the mighty Sumdayz Festival with their last party back in May being a pre-amble for the main festival. High octane beats are the name of the game and this party featured Donald, Vocci, Kidz, Brūn, with FVTVRISTICA residents Valerio Della Notte and Andrea Salvaggio.

For their anniversary party at the railway location of DKR these long-standing residents will welcome a team of guests that will be at hand to ensure when the sun comes up the crowd will still be dancing. For the occasion, the usual co-working space will be transformed into a fire breathing event space for the duration. Commanding the decks will be the Outcast Torino duo of Otis who will perform live and Munir Nadir who will provide the bomb packed DJ set. Also, taking their place in the DJ booth across the party will be Angelo PGM from Vesuvius Soul Records, GuiSep from Clut Communication, Sick Seek from Synergy, Simi from Club Vision, Pabie from Opal. With various takes on house and techno with an acid-soaked turbo edged slant, there will be no time for resting throughout this wild ride.

As well as the banging beats being blasted from late afternoon until mid-morning the next day, there will be various markets, one that will offer a pop-up record store, courtesy of XTCR, many vintage clothes stores, artwork, as well as food trucks to keep the dancers well fed and hydrated throughout the party.

This is an invite only event, so make sure you apply for your free digital membership card 24 hours before the event to make sure you are attending. This can be done by clicking here.


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