Fabric welcomes new family members Anna Wall and Bobby

Clubbing institution and London icon fabric recently announced that to celebrate 20 years in the game they would be welcoming 2 DJ’s further into their family fold. We caught up with Bobby and Anna Wall to find out how they are taking the news…

What does becoming a part of fabric mean to you?

Anna – I’ve been sitting on cloud nine since the news was announced – it really is a dream come true. Craig and Terry have played such an important role in London nightlife and it’s such an incredible honor to be following in their footsteps. The times I’ve played in Room 1 so far have been so special: at fabric I feel totally in my element and people are really open-minded to hearing music they’ve never heard before. It’s an opportunity to go digging even deeper into your record collection. Fabric is an institution that has had so much importance to me growing up and I’m so excited to become part of it.

Bobby – I have such a deep respect for the history of our scene and the people and places that have played a part. For me, fabric is at the very top of the pile. The people at the club are like family to me so it’s a beautiful feeling for us to grow even closer together. Also with the honor comes a certain level of responsibility, and more than anything I am most looking forward to working with the club to make sure the 20 year celebrations are a huge success.

What was your first experience of visiting the club?

Anna – I’m a Londoner and it was one of the first clubs I ever went to as a teenager. I remember being awestruck – it showed me what a real clubbing experience could be and then I then was hooked. This was back in my wild partying days!

Bobby – I was 19 and I vaguely recall Erol Alkan was playing in Room 2…I think it was the launch of Phantasy Sound. But to be honest I was not there for any DJ specifically, it was just to go to fabric. I remember being blown away by the sound systems and also the layout of the club. The labyrinth-like walkways between rooms and the exposed brickwork created this underground London night world, which to me felt both utopian and dystopian at the same time. I certainly had never experienced anything like this in my life.

This might seem an impossible question, but what track is at the top of your list to play in Room 1?

Anna – I love a good impossible question. Actually, what my aim this year is to finally finish some tunes so that I can test out my own music in my sets in Room 1. I’ve already played some of my collaborations with my friend Thoma Bulwer at the club and they’ve gone down really well.

Bobby – I recently launched my new label Pleasure Club and one of the tracks from the first EP is perfect for Room 1. So I think it would be a really nice feeling if I get the opportunity to play this at some point.

Who would be your ideal guest to have on at fabric and why would you choose this booking?

Bobby – For me the person I would always like to see the most at fabric is Craig. No one encapsulates the club like he does. If that answer is regarded as cheating then my 2nd choice would be Zip

What fabric event do you have coming up that you are most looking forward to?

Anna – I can’t wait for 2nd March when I’ll be playing with Peggy Gou, Levon Vincent and Legowelt.  I love seeing Levon play and I have a few of his records on Novel Sound. Peggy’s exploded on the scene right now and it’ll be the first time I see Legowelt play live, so I’m excited. I’m already thinking about the warm-up records I want to play!

What will you be bringing to fabric?  

Bobby – I believe changes in energy at the right time can be really impactful, and I hope that my energy proves to be somewhere near as valuable to fabric and it’s is to me.

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