Experiment Intrinsic reveals the details of this summer’s Solstice gathering

Experiment Intrinsic is an immersive audiovisual and holistic gathering that provides a full festival experience combined with a holiday feel. Their story started in 2014 as a small experimental project in East London that has expanded over the years across Europe, with their first festival being successfully held in France in 2017 and continuing with subsequent editions in Northwestern Bulgaria. Further details about the project and the concept behind it can be read here.

This year, the unique experience is expected on the Summer Solstice, between June 20 and 26. At the backdrop of the Balkan Mountains near the village of Valevtsi, with an intimate capacity of just around 300 people, the attendees will dive into a collective experience like no other, surrounded by stunning natural landscapes of endless forests, rivers, and waterfalls.

It is a community-centered project that allows both the artists and the audience to explore their surroundings and come together to enjoy all that the festival has to offer, such as live performances, audio-visual experiences, meditative practices and workshops, mountain hikes and lakes, sacred ceremonies, body movement, and more.

With a wide range of options available across music, from ambient, experimental, and chill-out to world and beyond, the participants have the freedom to curate their own unique experience and to get lost in this mystical journey.

Along with the festival, between June 26 to 30, attendees are invited to join an optional trip to the breathtaking Rila Mountains and Seven Lakes, a highly energetic place where people can go on a range of walks of varying levels.

Full line-up in alphabetical order:
AAA (Vera & Iluminado) (live)
Andrew Pekler (live)
Beau Ris
Cerpintxt (live)
Daniela Huerta (live)
Ethereal Logic (S.Moreira & Santi Uribe) (live)
Gyorgy Ono
Gwenan (live)
Laylla Dane
LF58 (Neel & Filippo Scocucchi) (live)
Margaret Dygas
Miss I
Nuvola (live)
Patricia Doors
Raphaël Fragil
Samuel Rohrer (live)
Sirom (live)
Timur Basha
Trigaida (live)
Wafa Love
II/III (live)

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