Bulgarian crew That Divine set out plans for the next phase in their evolution

That Divine @ Archaelogical Museum

The Balkan’s has always been a stronghold for top quality electronic music but perhaps one of the most undiscussed countries is Bulgaria. Bulgaria, often overlooked in discussions of electronic music, boasts a vibrant scene that has undergone significant evolution. In the late 90s, following the fall of the communist regime, Bulgaria experienced a surge in alternative music culture. The country found itself on the map of international happenings, attracting renowned DJs and hosting major festivals and events. Sofia, the capital, emerged as a hotspot for electronic music, while Varna, the sea capital, also flourished with numerous clubs, festivals, and sold-out events. 

Bulgarian rave, Image: Metropolis

A welcoming scene, that for a long time has prided itself on the inclusivity of their events and warmth of the clubbing community. This is exactly the ethos that has been cooked into the very fabric of That Divine, a group of connected souls, that have for the last ten years been pushing the envelope on what Bulgaria’s nightlife is capable of. Established in 2013, That Divine quickly became a beacon of innovation in Bulgaria’s electronic music scene. With over a decade of experience and more than 60 events under their belt so far, That Divine has become synonymous with quality, out-of-the-box thinking, and alternative venues. 

A decade is a long time to be doing anything, but when it comes to throwing raves, often in bespoke locations where everything needs to be brought to the table, the hardworking team of That Divine clearly knows what they are doing. In a scene, especially in Sofia where the minimal sound has long been a running partner with other more talked about parts of Eastern Europe with each passing event they have stepped into a league of their own.

Club-focused events are not entirely where That Divine’s passion truly lies. Over the years they have bucked the trend for normal club affairs and have instead branched out to throw parties on rooftops, bunkers, open air spaces, and even a marina. Every element is painstakingly thought through so it reaches its maximum potential, this may sound a very romantic notion, but with them now about to launch their eleventh season, this explains why they are ready to take things to the next level. 

As well as an increase in activity as well as the production values found at their already sterling events, the crew will also be finally launching their very own record label of the same name. Each and every release, like their events, will be a vehicle to showcase the many shades and colours of the local scene as well as hosting music from international artists that have helped to shape That Divine and their sound. The very first release will come via core member and resident Dj and producer Dylanh and local DJ and producer Factuaw, with a special remix from Christopher Ledger treatment of Dylanh’s entry. While the tracks are now in the final stages of being primed for release we can safely say that they will not disappoint.

This impressive next phase of action will begin in earnest this coming weekend on Saturday, April 27th where they will be throwing a label launch party in Sofia with their talented residents TWO DRAMA QUEENZ and Algorithm. As an added bonus to the evening of top flight music, attendees will be able to exclusively pre-order the debut record, which is expected to be out in summer. More on this to follow. From this starting point That Divine will be embarking on an adventure with dates set out in Sofia, Varna, and will culminate with their showcase during Amsterdam Dance Event.

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