Berlin club IPSE victim of arson attack

With the world electronic club scene currently in a rather sad state of affairs, it is not an easy task to maintain what some brands have built up over a number of years. It is always tough to see a nightclub cease to function but when this decision is made for them by unknown parties it is even harder to bear.

This is exactly what Berlin club IPSE is currently going through as the management and staff are currently reeling from the fire that tore through the main indoor section of the club and parts of the outdoor area in the early hours of Monday, April 27th. What is even more upsetting for the club and the scene as a whole is that the fire appears to be as a result of an arson attack.

In a full statement from the club, they reveal how this is affecting them and how you can help and show your support during these trying times…

“As police confirmed today, IPSE was the victim of arson, leading to the complete destruction of the entire indoor area and parts of the outdoor area.

We are still speechless.

Standing in the ruins of what dozens of people put years of energy and passion into is almost excruciating – and it is unbearable to imagine that this happened purposefully.

And to make it worse: Due to the specific situation insurance companies won’t compensate for the damage to our entire inventory, including the technical equipment.

There is no right moment for this – but it couldn’t be worse right now. In addition to our ongoing costs, we are now facing additional costs and will not have any revenue in the upcoming weeks/months to pay for the restoration of the club or wages of the team.

Despite this unprecedented situation, we all positive that we will continue. We have set up a donation campaign with which you can support us and ensure that one of the last open-air clubs in Berlin is preserved.”

If you wish to donate to the IPSE’s cause then you can go to their donation page here.

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