IPSE has confirmed that it will not return in its previous format

After the sad and untimely arson attack that decimated much of the indoor section of Berlin club IPSE the club has confirmed that the damage sustained is too severe to save the indoor section of the club. Due to the structural integrity being damaged beyond repair it has been confirmed that the area will need to be removed altogether. While this is of course very sad news and extremely hard for the hard-working IPSE team to digest the ethos of the venue will never be destroyed.

What has been the clubs saving grace is the fact that most of the open-air section was not damaged in the fire. The fact that this area can be saved is not just important for the venue but for Berlin in general as IPSE was home to one of the last few open-air venues in the German party capital. As well as being able to donate to the campaign to ensure this beloved space returns as soon as possible it is also possible to acquire souvenirs from the fire-stricken club.

You can support IPSE by visiting their donation page.

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