Review: Uchitoshi – Mursakino [UCHITOSHI5]

Uchitoshi’s production skills are getting everyone to agree, by either artists such as Cabanne, Rhadoo or Jane Fitz and Nicolas Lutz.

This time, Uchitoshi presents us Mursakino, his fifth instalment.

To kick things off, we have Budōnoki for the A side. This track features very punchy and hard kicks all throughout, complemented by a rolling and dubby bassline. Adding some light, almost atmospheric pads as it builds up and a breakbeat structure, this track is sure to leave you wanting more.

On the flipside Uchitoshi takes a different approach and starts things off with Budō. Much like a typical Villalobos production, this track has much more loopy, yet engaging minimal structure to it, accompanied by a warm bass line that gets introduced as it builds up. Also introducing glitchy sounds and vocals that fade in an out is sure to make this track trippy as hell.

To finish off, we have “Wain” for the B2, featuring some more trippy sounds and a slower rhythm to it. The frequent use of atmospheric and deep pads really give this track an ambient feel to it.

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