Premiere: HAMENECC – 002 EP [HAMENECC002]

Italo-Bosnian outfit HAMENECC has, primarily by way of the event series Hamenecc Invites been setting the groundwork for revelations in sound. This has been punctuated as a result of the first release on the self-titled label and now arriving at the second release and HAMENECC002 was worth the wait.

Having ventured down the minimal route with the first label outing the second release is very much an ode to the upbeat dream house of the 90’s. Picking up the release with peak time banger ‘002A’ the vibe is electric from the beginning. A bounding bassline leaps into action and looping pads give an airy yet urgent direction almost immediately. The soaring synths and accompanying stabs epitomise the tough house of the era but it has been given a serious upgrading here.

Over on the B side, the darker more electro side of the influences shine through. There is still a large portion of the 80’s and 90’s production styles here, the lush dream-like pads are bookended by a massively contrasting sound palette which is perfect for changing musical direction mid-set.

With the first and second release on HAMENECC coming nearly 2 years apart it is clear that the label has perhaps had a change of heart with regards to its release direction or maybe they just want to flex more than one type of music. Either way, both releases are essential and in either mode, HAMENECC looks to be a buy-on-sight label that assures quality whether it’s sparse minimal or feel-good 90’s house.

You can pre-order HAMENECC002 at now.

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