Premiere: B2 – Lewis – Celestial Freq [DF001]

Lewis (also known as bh and Casual Smoker) after appearances on Exarde, Smoud Traxx and Yes I Am Recordings is starting his own imprint, called Data Flow. And we’re showing you the last track from the first EP on it.

As I’ve been told, the idea about the new label came to him during the lockdown and the name of the first EP (which is “Micro Wave EP”) came after his favorite Waldorf Micro Wave XT synth. I did not ask about the idea behind the name of B2 on this EP, but it goes under the name “Celestial Freq”. Let’s move closer to it…

Very calm, mellow tune, as a proper closer of the EP should be, in my opinion. Perfect for the summer heat (just so you know – I’m dying of heat while writing this – the city is breaking one temperature record a day for one week straight, phew!). But – the track is not that simple, the second part has a little surprise for you. The end brings back those mellow vibes, but before that we have one spicy filler.

Now – about some other tunes here. The opener “Output” takes us on one trippy ride with its echoes and delays, combined with a classic 909 drums. “Micro Wave” holding everything, that comes with a bass and percussions on its back, still being interesting with its melody and samples. “Lower Rare Back” on the b-side adds some bleeps to the composition of the record and its theme from minute 4 will sit in your head for a very long time. It does in mine, at least.

If you liked what you just read – check the record stores ASAP. The EP gonna be out this summer at Viniil and some other ones.

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