Premiere: B2 – Cesare Muraca – Sequencing Moments [MME001]

MME Recordings set for the stars as they release debut vinyl “Space Message”.

After attending their first party together 14 years ago, longtime Picnic affiliates Herra and Jimmy Schulte were completely caught by electronic music. They realised this was the industry they wanted to be involved with and started to make their first steps into this world. They have done pretty well so far as their current standing in the scene will attest and the result of this work is MME Recordings.

Now, awaiting their first foray into wax releases from MME, “Space Message” does exactly as intended as it communicates with a world beyond our own, with extraterrestrial motifs found throughout. These messages are sent from the dancefloor, as tight percussion, rolling grooves and tasteful basslines serve as contrast whilst melodic content takes us on a tour of the stars. 

Kicking off this deep dive is B1. “Synths will tell you” kicks off as the title would suggest, sustained synths set the tone for a plethora of arps, shots and pads that give way for the main hook that keeps it floaty atop a tight percussive base.

B2. “Sequencing Moments” rounds off side B nicely, with pads that carry that last tune of the night kind of depth and with an infectious and flirty lead melody that works in tandem with some tasty mid frequency content to form one hell of a track. Soft and ethereal energy that is sure to captivate dancefloors, from warmup to afters it will do the deed.

On the flipside, A1. with a breakbeat venture, Berlin-based Cesare Muraca sends signals into the ether with low, resonant flexes and pseudo sci-fi symbolism in title track “Space Message”. High octane, punchy grooves set this number for the astral plains as hypnotic structures allow messages to be broadcast further and deeper than your average. 

A2. “What else I know” contrasts nicely as it takes a step back towards a dreamier soundscape where a mirage of pads is underpinned by a playful bassline that flirts with higher notes in the form of call and answer. Again, not a beat missed here as drums do everything they need to, keeping it downright grooving throughout.

Very strong first output from MME Recordings, we look forward to hearing it doing the rounds on dancefloors across the world, and maybe beyond… who knows who else might be listening out there!

You can pick up the release on pre-order from One Eye Witness now.

Distribution by: One Eye Witness
Pressing plant: Record Industry
Artwork by: Do Kriek
Mastering by: Time Item Studio

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