Premiere: B1 – Unknown Artist – Rghtdoe [WSNTME001]

With music promotion being what it is across the board it is refreshing to see labels keeping the focus on the music rather than wild artwork and overplayed promotional campaigns. A new label that has popped up from the underground is Wsntme with an aim to keep the spotlight on the music and not so much who produces it and thus removing any sort of bias form the listeners ear.

For the first EP which should be dropping some around September there are two heavy hitters to choose from. Our pick of the pair is B1 jam ‘Rghtdoe’, a crunchy groover with tight shuffling drums and deeply penetrating bassline. Filtered vocals from a certain Rapper roll over one and other adding serious attitude until the mood is lightened considerably with the emergence of the looping string section first made an appearance in the 70’s and has played a part in electronic music since. It doesn’t hang about for long and as quickly as it emerged it is gone leaving the pristine beats behind.

Flipping back over to side A and ‘Mryjn’ is a much more moody, muscular workout. Elongated bass tones and synths are drawn out alongside the pitched down musings of an unknown artist that certainly was not suffering from writer’s block. The inviting paddy synths envelope the lower end of the track frequencies like a warm blanket while the filtered noisey drums kick in all the right directions.

WSNTME001 will be dropping on vinyl only sometime in September so keep your eyes and ears open.

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