Premiere: B1 – Redrop – B10K25b [RDRP01]

In an ode to deep dubby minimalism Anthony Georges Patrice introduces his Redrop project and with it comes the first vinyl-only release. Taking a deep dive approach to more introspective sides of minimal music Redrop proves to be a revealing journey for the mind that makes full use of a sparse sound palette.

Heading to B1 track ‘B10K25b’ dark, strung-out sound fx converge on a low-end drone that gives the impression of first landing on an alien planet. A four / four kick and tightly wound percussion soon gives context to the ever-evolving soundscape. The menacing bass tone that imposes throughout the extended track time offers a pitch-black snapshot into the realms of Redrop and the spooky stories that will unfold. Subtle atmospherics add to the finely produced ethereal world that the listener will inevitably be drawn into.

‘Velvet Caugh’ on A1 is not nearly as dark, but certainly conjures up a dreamlike state that is perhaps not as foreboding but delivers a significantly thought-provoking window into the mind of Redrop. Break-like drums keep the track on an even keel while the blooming atmospherics unfold all around it.

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