Premiere: B1 – Nerve Maze – Abstract 3 [ASV001]

Nerve Maze - Abstract Sounds record art

Italian outfit Abstract Sounds have been serving up a generous helping of music production tools in recent years, mainly via Loopmasters and Loopcloud. Their sample packs have proved popular on the underground circuit, geared specifically at micro house and minimal. As the series has developed, the list of artists and labels using their content keeps on growing and they are often featured on production specific sites, the likes of Future Music and Music Tech.

As new artists continue to join the growing family, through their own offerings in tools and tunes, Abstract are now ready to release their first vinyl only. And a debut for the platform also makes a debut for the producer. Nerve Maze is releasing his first wax, a welcome follow on from his feeder sound mix put out earlier this year.

Maze starts off the series with four originals taking the name of the label. ‘Abstract 3’ on the premiere is a deep, Rominimal groover. Rolling bassline pulsates a fresh rhythm while a simple percussion directs flow. The never-ending beat captivates, but it’s the filtered down melody steadily trickling that shines.

Robotic samples whirl back and forth, breathing mechanical life through the groove. It sounds pleasant and it trips, keeping a cool vibe and a fun flavour.

‘Abstract 1’ is stripped back, subtle, minimalistic and eery in presence. The pace picks up into ‘Abstract 2’, drifting euphoric notes through a warm synth line and tapping hi’s. ‘Abstract 4’ reverts back to the deeper delve of sound, mysterious and adventurous, plodding through an unknown world.

From the first track to the last, Nerve Maze makes a journey that ends somewhere close to where it began. Mastering by Alexkid.

Buy the record from or Juno, released 1st October.

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