Premiere: A2 – Moray – Ohhhhh Really [HMV05]

Honne Music - Moray - record image

Honne Music are presenting release number five. The Mexican label has been rapidly building an all star cast of associates over the last few years. Each edition presents a VA, each track bringing new artists on board. Previously featured names include Teluric, Melodie, Birdsmakingmachine, Lee Burton, Sakro – the list goes on. All of whom well versed in delivering on deep, minimal grooves. Moray joins Harrison BDP, Tripmastaz and Rodrigo P for the latest.

Label boss Dieru recently had his own rather large release on Rawstreet, from which we premiered the Matheiu remix of ‘Trephase’. Dieru usually takes a back seat however on his own label, allowing other artists to do the talking.


Moray takes on A2 with ‘Ohhhhh Really’. An eery start sets the tone for the deep, grumbling bassline that follows. Snapping percussion keeps the rhythm as dark undertones shimmer beneath a playful whistle. Funk injection plays in from a cool melody, textured organ that offers a welcome groove in the tracks’ development.

Levels cleverly shift as the samples become more fully packed. Stripped back bars keep a growling atmosphere in the background as the melodies intensity. But the beat never falters. With its well-primed energy and playful build, this is one for the dance floors.

Harrison BDP opens the record with something a little more relaxed, low slung groove and floating keys. Tripmastaz brings the usual drive and trip-inducing acid so well associated with his productions, while Rodrigo P winds down proceedings delving deeper into minimalism and soul.

The record is due for release tomorrow and can be purchased from

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