Premiere: A2 – JuzeL – Marseille [LTMV001]

Fledgling label Leit Motiv begin their journey with the rock solid ‘Caricaturas’ EP from Argentinian artist JuzeL. The artist that hails from Mar Del Plata is joined by fellow countryman Glasidum who provides an alternative mix of the title track. It would seem the label is off to a great start and we have the A2 track in full.

Picking up the release on A2 with ‘Marseille’ and as with the ‘Caricaturas’ EP as a whole slick production is key here. Metallic percussion slinks in between the punchy tightly woven drums and deep penetrating bassline to creating a nicely swung groove. Synth pads act has trigger points during the main breakdown where the tension is built to fever pitch before retreating just beneath the surface of the mix. The boisterous title track ‘Caricaturas’ on A1 completes the reverse look at side A and the rounded funk of the kicks and bassline offer a great contrast to the sleek approach of A2.

Flipping over to side B ‘Storm In The Sea’ on B1 is on a similar tip to A2 with lush electronics and abstract sound FX being the name of the game here. Rounding out the release is a subtle remix of title track ‘Caricaturas’ from fellow Argentinian Glasidum. Taking elements from the original and snipping them to pop in and out of the mix he turns in a stunning reworking that glues the whole release together nicely. It is not always the case but the South American flair often plays a big part in minimal production and the Argentine artists here utilises this to great effect.

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