Premiere: A2 – Himbert – T3 [BROMBERT002]

French label Brombért Records may be only two releases deep into their manifesto to bring quality music to the people but they have already made quite an impact. Like their first label foray with Littlelake on the dials, their mature sound with serious flecks of soul and attitude in equal measure shines through again. This time around it is label boss Thors Tvøllmären aka Himbert that takes control of the sounds on his four tracker ‘Old Banger’ EP. Like all good records there is an interesting story about how the release was written and so the story goes that Thors packed his gear into a campervan and set off on a trip that would ultimately result in the EP that you now listening to.

Leading out of A2 track ‘T3’ is the deeply excavating undulating bassline that filters in and out of view of that satisfying acidic bite. Clean drum hits populate the stripped back drum patterns as the rising strings build the intensity to tangible levels before dropping back down to build again. The simplistic nature of the track really lets each part of the track to really stand out on its own. A1 track ‘C35’ is a different beast entirely but again the quality of each individual ingredient that goes into the making is impressive. Thudding kicks and wobbly sub bass combine with rattling percussion to edge towards the main course of a satisfying Detroit-esque mid-tempo banger. The only thing as good as the mix of the tracks is the breakdowns in each track. Reducing each track to its base elements before building them up to full power again.

Flipping over to B1 and ‘B100’ benefits from more upfront programming with a dubby twist. Drum fills litter the track while the dub echo extends each synth stab well into the night. Rounding out BROMBERT002 is probably the most atmospheric track in the release and also edging more towards techno territory ‘J5’ still retaining the dub ethics of the previous track ‘B100’ this completes the EP nicely and speaks to a writing process that really help the release to stand apart from other sounds of the moment and gives a sense of a personal journey as well as a physical one.

BROMBERT002 is now on pre-sale at various vinyl emporiums.

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