Premiere: A2 – Berllioz – Faka Urea [HEION001]

Portugeuse artist Berlioz is most definitely a dab hand at crafting hypnotic groovers and having already starred for the likes of home turf label Carpet and Snares and the newly minted Heion Records. His subtle meandering style always culminates in thoroughly danceable tracks regardless of the seemingly hap hazard elements that precede the bigger picture.

His use of modular synthesis is clearly the backbone of his ‘Aphetidae’ EP and his ability to intertwine even the most abstract of sound sources will leave even the most open minded raver wondering just where he found his influences.

Indistinct chatter and jazz like fleck of musicality lead A2 ‘Fake Urea’ but it is not long before crisp hi hats and brushed snares combine to form an ever-expanding picture. The revolving bassline and synth motif really sticks to the mind like a glue as the other elements orbit it as if trying to pull themselves into its gravitational pull. The great thing about this track and many like it is that they only just manage it and the mind fills in the blanks.

The other track on side A ‘Mo Orea’ is even more hypnotic but more straightforward. Lightly struck live drums play to the fragile melodies that dance around it as if not wanting to distrurb it too much. There is a really sense that jazz has been a major influence in the writing process with the drum programming not repeating a previous idea and this makes for a very interesting listening experience. Title track ‘Aphetidae’ on B1 takes a much darker minimal route but again there is a fragility to the mix that has clearly been carefully thought out and painstakingly crafted.

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