Premiere: A1 – Vizcacha – Miseria [RACONTEUR002]

The Raconteur record label is back. It’s been two years since the launch of the Meraki Music sister label. Raconteur made an instant mark in our archives with Denis Kaznacheev‘s ‘Non Tuplet Eights’. The second in this series delivers an equally compelling exploration of the minimalistic sounds of deeper techno. The man at the controls this time is Argentinian artist Alan Castro, furthering into the realms of his alias Vizcacha.

As is what so far is an ongoing theme with Raconteur releases, Vizcacha uses both sides of the vinyl to their full potential. All grooves are accounted for on the ‘Miseria’ EP, which features an extended original dedicated to each flip. The title track takes the A.

A simple start introduces a bubbling bassline infused with a delicate groove that will remain constant for much of the twelve and a half minutes that follow. What unfolds is a captivating construction of sounds so vividly varied that you’re left hanging onto the next like words in a riveting read.

Robotic chatter becomes subtle, funk laden verse that gives with it a swing you might usually find in the percussion itself. Rattling patterns of white noise ooze a gentle intricacy, before dark, echoes twist deeper down into the rabbit hole. No sooner than you’re settled, warm synth notes float back to the surface, paving the way for an amusing bit of speech you might liken to the sounds of Willy Wonka.

The fully stripped back breakdown barely gives a moment for the senses to take stock. The weird wonderfulness that follows leaves the mind questioning where it might have wandered off to; deep in the underground or far away in a warped fantasy. There’s a lot to be said for such a playful production.

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