Premiere: A1 – Sauna & Wyatt – Land on Planet X [KNDK001]

Swiss-born, Berlin-based artists Sauna and Wyatt have joined forces to present the release on their new KNDK Records imprint and they deliver 3 original groove centric club cuts for the funkiest of minimalist dancefloors.

We kick off our look at the ‘Planet X’ EP with the hypnotic A1 ‘Land On Planet X’. The stripped-back grooves twist and turn alongside a bumping bassline that bobs and weaves around taught percussion that lays the groundwork for some of the tracks well-crafted twilight moments. These deeper moments are short-lived as the focus is most definitely on the perfectly swung grooves that intertwine the full A-side of the record.

Flipping the record over B1 track ‘Atipico’ is much more minimal leaning with similar musical elements found on side A but the drums are more crunched, the groove has been dialed up a notch. B2 ‘Grey Sand’ is a more upfront cut with the excellent kick and bass combo working perfectly in tandem. The opening salvo from Sauna and Wyatt and their KNDK Records imprint is a solid one and hints at great things to come.

‘Planet X’ EP from Sauna & Wyatt is now available from

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