Premiere: A1 – Rowan & Bessone – Ragnarok [TGS002]

Brazilian artist Arthus and his Totoyov label has evolved in many ways since its first release. From its long running digital iteration that has resulted in more than 50 editions and many highlights Arthus now turns his attention to physical releases. After the success of the first release which brought together names new and known it is time to offer the next step. For the second edition of Totoyov’s release schedule Rowan & Bessone combine to deliver the four track ‘Ragnarok’ EP. The ultra-slick four tracker comes complete with two original tracks from the duo as well as a pair of remixes from heavy hitters Vern and Kirik.

Of course, we are headed straight for A1 and title track ‘Ragnarok’ and where better to begin our look at this tidy release. The Portuguese duo of Rowan & Bessone has been producing great results for some time now and their Home/mad Sound home has for some time been building support. The intimately flowing style that is the calling card of all concerned parties dovetails perfectly with each other. Lighter and air pads swirl around the track like an electronic mist that is only parted by the crisp kicks and arping synths. Where the original was a day dream Vern’s tougher stance brings things back down to earth with a big bump. The arping synths remain but they are pinned down by a much more upfront grinding bassline, thick kick drums and snappy percussion.

B1 holds the second original ‘Apokalyps’ and after many talks with close friend Arthur this spacey groover joins the EP at the top of Side B. Glitchy synths offer a bit more bite than the title track but the trademark effortless flow is still there in spades. Angular percussion and clipped hats keep the grooves stripped back and on point while the floating melodies work their magic. Kirik rounds out the second edition of Totoyov with a more progressive, rhythmic slant on ‘Apokalyps’. Already receiving support from influential artists such as the legendary DJ Honesty this EP will not be around for long as there will be no represses once the 200 copies fly off the shelves.

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