Premiere: A1 – Relaxant – Tri Hard [USO001]

For the first ever delivery of the newly established label Unidentified Spinning Object, we head down under to explore what’s been cooking in the spaceship of the Australia-based Relaxant.

The small town of Bendigo – about a 100km outside of Melbourne, Victoria – has been the home to the mid-1900s Central Deborah Gold Mine, where it seems like the electro-enthusiast has been digging up a few pieces himself, which can be found on his latest release ‘Important Exportant’ EP.

As A1 ‘Tri Hard’ kicks off, we’re dipped into a cosmic soup through a patch of dreamy synths, giving us a taste of what’s not to come. Instead, the native Aussie sets the tone right of the bat through a slick breakbeat perched on-top of a couple of bionic baselines, letting us know the night is about to accelerate towards its darkest hours.

As we’ve just begun our journey through the vast wasteland of cosmic electro, the flickering of short percussive ripples accompanied by brief sightings of sweeping synthesizers invites us into a false reassurance, allowing both mind and body to let go of the control we never had. Let’s drift.

If the initial meditative groove that filled our rear-view mirror with a promise of complete freedom, the electro-infused stabs pushes the pedal to the metal with the destination promising another level of liberated energy. Thereafter, take exit 4/4 to enter Highway 1, the longest national highway in the world, brought to you on a hot piece of wax, straight from the heart of a soaring Australia.

Upon recovering from the initial slap of the label’s first ever tune, the EP goes on by giving us a further taste of what we were promised during the first few seconds of A1. A2 ‘The Association Association’ hits with lush pads and sequenced bliss drizzled over a couple carefully curated drums. Flipping over and B1 Oblivion Groove’ and B2 ‘Karmic Reset’ leaves the first ever Unidentified Spinning Object cut full of fulfilled promises and dreams of a more honest future. The stage is set. The road has been paved. Relaxant is ready for take-off.

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