Premiere: A1 – Inner Zone – JV Sports [THEBRICKS007]

Fabric resident Anna Wall, adds even more strings to her bow with the latest release on her The Bricks imprint. Joining The Bricks is Alex Anderson, Rupes & Dr. Baird better known as debutants Inner Zone and on show is a great selection of vibes across the 3 original cuts plus a remix from Alec Falconer.

Picking things up with A1 title track ‘JV Sports’ classic 90’s breaks is the order of the day. Broken riddims roll alongside some seriously lush soundscapes before cosmic synths come flooding in like a spaceship bay door being thrown open. This vibe segues perfectly into A2 ‘Reality Grid’ where breakbeats have been replaced with an upbeat 4/4 kick and repeating bleeps and the finely produced atmospherics that was hinted at on A1.

Flipping over ‘The Last Arpy’ leans heavily on a phat rounded kick and continues the future-retro journey to space. The adventures in rave history of trio Inner Zone is clearly evident from these works and their use of classic hardware such as Roland JV-2080, X0xb0x 303, and a Kawai K5000S lends itself well to the sonic palette.

Closing the book on the 7th edition of The Bricks is breaks badman Alec Falconer and his measured version of ‘The Last Arpy’. Cherry-picking some of the lushest moments from the original Falconer chops and slices them to fit the funk-fuelled narrative. These tracks first came to fruition back in 2015 so it is great to see this EP see the light of day, we hope it isn’t too long before we hear more from Inner Zone’s archives and also brand new material.

‘JV Sports’ EP from Inner Zone on The Bricks is now available on the label Bandcamp with shipping due from around Friday, December 11th.

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