Premiere: A1 – Gerardo – HWLS003.1 [HWLS003]

Italian imprint Howl Records having been in constant evolution since 2015 returns with a hint at some of their earlier work. Instead of the regular platform sub-label, Howl Stamp is the home to the stable’s most recent release.

Coming courtesy of Vara Records, Morchelle Music and Vidre Records associate, Gerardo delivers 2-track super strong EP. Coupling a meandering free form jam alongside vocalist Camilla Luna as well as his own groove led tool.

From the very beginning, Gerardo and Camilla mean to mess with your head. The detuned, warped and strangely mixed vocals put the track on an uneven keel right away but in a uniquely nice way. The crystalline synth chills sweep in and out of view and carry with it Camilla’s breathy words. As with all Howl releases the production is top-notch and the insane drum programming means there isn’t long before the ears are tripped up but caught before disaster strikes.

The hypnotic element of the release is dialed right up to 11 on side B. What Gerardo can accomplish with so few elements is very impressive and he puts these parts to extremely good use. The repeated synth pad notes bed perfectly with the squeaking percussion loop and when the groove drops the ear momentarily resets in order to again relish in this dreamlike scene. Whether it is Howl Records or Howl Stamp this Italian outfit is yet another example of a standout label. Perfectly weighted minimal music at its very best.

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