Premiere: A1 – Dufi – Natural Selection [NRTR001]

Galway born, London based artist Dufi now presents his own vision by way of his self penned debut release on his own label Nurture. Having begun to make his name known in London, Dufi still has connections to his home scenes by way of regular trips back to drop those bangers.

Taking this from the top, we have picked out A1 cut “Natural Selection” as your top choice, but in reality this could have been any of the four tracks on NRTR001. Leading out with a day focused high energy motif that consists of a full fat bassline that bumps long at an impressive rate. The stripped back acidic synth line that accompanies it gives that little bit of edge while still retaining an air of accessibility. Crucial to keeping day time dancefloors in the groove.

Moving on to “Deactivation” and it is just as slick, but instead of the thunderous claps, the percussion of choice has been replaced by a verby snare, and a very nice one at that. With a neat, backwards hoover, the vocal creeps in the backward sweep of this. Utilising an outrageous bassline, the track is so finely balanced that the upper parts of the mix sit perfectly atop the bassy tones.

Maintaining the incredibly high standard of sub bass action that has been on show over the previous two tracks, “Terminus (End Mix)” treads a more breakbeat direction but shows that Dufi is adept at programming many different styles while maintaining his own sound. Completing this very noteworthy debut release is “Prewire” and this first release is closed out in style as the brooding acid bassline takes no prisoners, as does the heavy hitting breakbeats and tympanic drum rolls.  

You can now pre-order NRTR001 in record and digital download from Bandcamp now.

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