Premiere: 7 – 25bc – Party On Magu 6 [CC017]

25bc steps up for the seventeenth release of Brazil-based label Cutting Corners.

The collective have been pushing a refreshing variety of sounds throughout their catalogue. Walking on the fringes of dub, techno, and trancey flavours; whilst being cast through an intricate, minimalist lens.

Stepping up for the label’s 17th release is the affiliated producer 25bc, tapping into this genre fusing approach to refined club music. Percussion remains on a stripped back tip, allowing for elaborate synth work to lead the charge in the premiered ‘Party On Magu 6’.

Uplifting energy runs through the track, hosting loopy, trance-like arrangements carrying a progressive character. Spiraling bass notes form the core of the track, marching onward with a lean, chuggy motion whilst being caressed by hollow clicks and pops bringing a sense of space to the mix.

The kick rarely drops throughout the track, continuing to build over-expressive chord stabs and mystical vocals slipping in and out of the mix. It’s the kind of versatile, energy-filled track that could hypnotise an enormous festival stage; as well as the most intimate of dance floors.

Sounds host an honest and pure essence, spouting charged vocals with the words ‘Let it move you’, encouraging the submissive, hynpotic rave state we all miss on the dance floor.

The Brazillian collective have been prolific in their Bandcamp presence, with now 17 releases spanning a variety of everything from the low-slung subtleties of Zippel, to the explosive sounds of oneloop.

Buy the release and keep up with the label’s consistent output over on Bandcamp.

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