Premiere: 4 – Womack – Cow Girl (Mike Berardi Remix) [JL020]

New York label Jus Luv Recordings have truly hit their sound in recent releases and regularly mix deep dubby sounds with punchy minimal grooves. Now onto the milestone 20th release they welcome producer Womack and Mike Berardi on remix duties. Lets get into it…

Heading to the last track on the EP Mike Berardi takes ‘Cow Girl’ in a dubbier direction. Where the original version from Womack really bumps with vocal chops Berardi ditches those in favour of smoothing out the edges. The complex percussion and drum programming are maintained to an extent while the paddy synths are again smoothed out to great effect.

Heading back to the beginning of the EP and super deep houser ‘Release’ brings back vocal memories of 90’s trance epic ‘Silence’. Undulating bassline intertwine perfectly with thudding kick drums and reverb drenched synth stabs. Completing the EP is ‘Don’t’ and while it treads a similar vein to ‘Release’ but the snappy percussion and elongated horn samples are added to the mix to round out a tidily produced deep house release.

The EP will be shortly available via bandcamp.

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