Premiere: 2 – Lucio Agustín – Storm [SR002]

Most of us have had a little more time on our hands of late and some of us have used that time to our advantage. Surge in Liverpool have done just that. The event promoters started off the year with a series of parties, celebrating a fine selection of up and coming talent hailing from the North. While the likes of Ryan Murray and Mehlor took centre stage in the club, something in the background was brewing. Surge Records was ready to launch by May 2020 and now we’re already about to receive the second release from Lucio Agustín.

Alongside a number of productions, the Buenos Aires based artist still finds time to play in some of the city’s clubs. Add in a focus on his own Sustain platform and Agustin is clearly a busy man. Currently, he is churning out the goods for a bunch of labels and the debut on Surge is well worthy of a listen.

Thumping bassline and swinging hi-hats set the scene in ‘Rushed’. The groove is rapid, made for the dancefloor. Easy keys drift delicately around a simple house melody, gently warming the beat.

But the real standout element here is the vocal. First teased with a pitch bending, snappy sample that would feel right at home in a Guti live set. All before the sweet sounds of Soul ii Soul’s Caron Wheeler take over. Wheeler’s voice is delicate and smooth. Iconic in represenation of one of the UKs funkiest, souliest bands. It’s impossible not to like.

Pre-order the EP at Beatport, ready for release on 15th July.

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