Premiere: 1. Sehn – Calm Your Mind [MTG002]


Sound engineer and prolific producer Sehn shapes two reduced cuts for the Coventry based Motoring Records’ second output.

Following a healthy string of free download releases across Soundcloud and a collaboration late last year with Romania’s Subit, the London based artist has carved a distinctive sound, heavily influenced by eastern Europe’s sedative minimalist expressions.

Stretching out across a nine-minute arrangement in the premiered ‘Calm Your Mind’, airy drum patterns caress a palate of lucid bleeps and plucks emitting a ceremonial like atmosphere, calling for a place within an elegant warm-up set or deep into after-hours territory.

A regal vocal narrates instructions of a relaxation session throughout the entire track. Encouraging meditative breathwork techniques, a sultry female spoken-word piece is littered with nimble hi-hats and shimmering percussive work, occasionally breaking down into sweeping spirituality leaning statements in ‘we are all connected’ and ‘what we think, we become’.

This intriguing vocal work creates one of many avenues of sound to follow throughout the long-form composition. Elements trail off into endless directions, subtly stimulating a hypnotic listen with a multitude of quirky sequences for the ear to follow.

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