Premiere: 1 – Oscar Jones – A Moment Of Epiphany [RDR006]

Nottingham based label and event series Radar Records / Events has, under the guidance of founders EADU and Secular been pushing a more underground house ethos with each passing release, and Leeds lad Oscar Jones looks to add to this. One of the brightest outfits in the Notts minimal scene the Radar crew are not resting on their laurels during the pandemic down period and have been putting all their energy into their label arm.

Oscar Jones turns in a cohesive body of work on his ‘A Moment Of Epiphany’ EP. Collating 3 original cuts of his own as well as a top title track remix from TIJN edges Radar Records into the one to watch category and for a label only 6 months old this is a huge step.

Leading out the digital release is the title track ‘A Moment Of Epiphany’ and from the out, the rattling percussion, stressed synth pops, and deep bass tones hint at bigger events to come. There isn’t much time to wait either as the bass tones get bigger and deeper and some excellent vocally pad elements help along with the track build up nicely. The title track is certainly reminiscent of tracks that can usually be found in a SIT or Priku set, where the complexity of the drum programming is perfectly offset by the tight production and ethereal musical elements.

‘Ego’ coming second on the release slate treads a much more deep and pensive path and with bobbing and weaving bassline and accompanying percussion. In a similar vein to the title track twisted FX and synths, crisp drum hits do much of the heavy lifting. ‘Opia’ delves even deeper into these soundscapes with a thoroughly airy vibe and a groove to match.

Completing this great release TIJN reimagines the title track to great effect. The subtle breakbeats and use of live drum fills and one-shots really give a totally different direction. Drums skip and weave in and out of the heavier synth parts separating this remix from the original in such a way that it is difficult to choose between each version. A tough choice as both is to be considered bombs to be dropped at just the right time.

The EP is now available to download from

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