Premiere: 1 – Lukey – Low Down Little Creeper [TATAMI001]

Dublin born, but now Barcelona based artist Lukey has taken his digging channel Roundhouse and kicked it up a level. Being no stranger to crafting a banger, Lukey has previously featured his productions on highly sought after labels Carpet and Snares and Into The Wizards Sleeve and now he presents his own vision by way of TATAMI001.

From the very top Lukey strikes a swaggering figure with his opening number “Low Down Little Creeper “. The tight conga percussion line and bouncing bassline ensure that the energy levels are dialed up from the beginning. The subtle introduction of a sweet organ section keeps the track ascending while the drums keep things simple at the back. It is all about the groove as we move on to the midpoint in the release with “Comes Back Around” and the old school house vibes are well presented but with a modern twist in the form of the repeating synth line that circles the padding bassline. 

Completing this fine opening release from Lukey is “Qu​é​date” and the walking bassline moves the action a fair bit within the mix and the minor chorded organ is a headsy power move that pays off big time. A room busting track that leans heavily on the vocal snips that maintain the urgency of the track even with the thundering kick drops out. The upfront and crystalline mixing style lends itself very nicely to the peak time house of TATAMI001 and we suspect it will not be long before we hear more from rising talent Lukey.

You can grab the EP on the Roundhouse Bandcamp page.

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