Premiere: 1 – Kas – Ground Kontrol [RNJM01]

Close friends Olly Vanc and Apoteoz and their respective labels Ranura (London) and Jamuse (Switzerland) have met in the middle on their new joint project. The collaborative VA features tracks from both sides of the agreement and the result is a clutch of low slung swaggering minimal groovers. The combination of close friends and family from both sides is a great snapshot of each scene and for each similarity there are many differences that make this VA so exciting.

We pick up the release with Kas and ‘Ground Kontrol’ is a slinky wiggling affair that whirrs and pops along to a sultry paddy bed that underpins the whole track. Crunchy percussion punctuates the track nicely as does the uttered vocal snips and skipping grooves. Deep house but on a reduced tip is a great way to describe ‘Ground Kontrol’ but does not define it and could and will likely feature in many minimal DJ’s performances.

Jamuse boss Apoteoz turns in a similarly deep houser on ‘Curiosity’ but with a more urgent drum programming. Warped sound FX litter the track while the repeating pad that contrasts the promptness of the beats. Azire ups the energy levels even more on the emotive complexity of ‘Digital’. Christian Badia and Randolph combine on ‘Non Sig’ where skipping percussion and breathy vocals produce a refreshingly upbeat groover.

Fiocco is next to step up to the VA and his drum heavy workout takes the release down a different route with ‘Awareness’. The focus on the groove helps to bring an extra flavour to the release and an energy not previously explored. Manv and the bounding ‘Side Effects’ changes things up yet again with some well-placed acid wiggles and bombastic riddims. Finally, Ranura boss Olly Vanc closes things out with ‘Nightcrawler’ and the punchy drums and neat programming revolve around a sweet bassline and evolving pad that provides the right amount of air.

The VA will be available via the Ranua Bandcamp.

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