Premiere: Unknown Artist – A1 [PRISMA2]

PRISM | Trommel Music

The ‘Unknown Artist’ trend is becoming quite popular within the genres of minimal and micro-house. With the identity of tracks becoming even more secretive, the unknown artist twist adds a mystery to the release, allowing artists and labels to release music with freedom and no pressure.

One label following the trend but doing it in their own way is prisma, a minimalist vinyl-only label. Each release comes with a set of coordinates on the label of the sleeve, leaving a clue to where the tracks were made. The first release back in May seems to match up to Brooklyn, New York with the coordinates 40.6782°N 73.9442°W.

The labels second release is a three-tracker with the coordinates starting with 32.8905°N.

Trommel has the premiere of A-side ‘A1’. Crispy, rolling drums dominate the track throughout the 9 minutes. Without any real drop or kick, this one barely strays off course, letting the drums, and the vibe do the talking.

Listen to the full-length track below.

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