Premiere: Toollbox – Straightforward EP [BP066]

Buenos Aires’s Talented duo Toollbox delivers Straightforward EP on BodyParts records, with a massive remix from TIJN included.

Denis Korablev’s and Olga Korol’s Body Parts Records is consistently delivering interesting EP, and this latest release as well confirms the rule. When we spoke with Olga some time ago, she told us that when selecting which artists and music to onboard and release, they always go for the music they personally like and play for some times, and we can easily understand why.

The EP is a very solid one: the tracks are all well crafted with precision and attention to details, and each one has a distinctive sound or element that alone will be already enough to store the record in the travel bag.

Changeless is a very nice cut with few but spot-on loops and vocals that really stands out. Straightforward, like the names say, is a straight to the point, versatile and effective groover, adaptable for several different scenario while Monochrome shows some tight vibes balanced out by some instrumental ingredient. Monochrome remix from TJIN gets rid of few elements to highlight its minimalistic parts, resulting in the perfect diversity that benefit for the EP as a whole.

Enjoy the full lenght tracks on Trommel’s SoundCloud channel.

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