Premiere: B2 – Unknown Artist – PRRRRROGRESSIVE (Echoes of Earth Edit) [MCLTD003]

MCLTD - record art

MCLTD are back with the third instalment in a series of fresh 90s house edits. Somewhere in the studio, an unknown artist sits serving up the reworks, giving little away other than the track titles. It started with ‘Crafty Edits’ back in 2019 and it seems the theme has continued.

Each year so far, a new release has appeared. A steady trickle, allowing the artist in question (whoever it might be) the opportunity to do something a little different than their usual. In keeping with the series, MCLTD3 features three cheeky cuts, boldly centred around a house music groove.

Three tracks cover the wax on the vinyl only release. We’re presenting ‘PRRRRROGRESSIVE (Echoes of Earth Edit)’ on the premiere, the record’s closing track. A medley of handheld percussion creates an organic rhythm, flowing through pattering hand drums and shaking tambourine.

As the bassline kicks in, misted old school groove sets the tone. Powerful deep house beat drives, moved by a melody that is complimented in style by a compressed sound of synth. Layers form, organs dance and claps signify the breaks.

Vocal cooly intercepts, brief and reminiscent of a classic. It’s an instruction to move, easy to follow when led by the energy that comes with the beat.

‘FROGS ON ACID (Donnie’s Extra Sauce Edit)’ takes the A side. This one is constructed by its character – a quirky, funk-fueled conversation between acidic synths and delicate horns. Back on the B, ‘JAYVOLUTION (Echoes of Earth Edit)’ produces a classic deep house vibe through warm chords, a full groove and pleasant melodies. Together, it’s another hot bunch of re-edits that we’re glad to see continue.

MCLTD3 is being distributed by Off The Grid Records from 15th November.

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