Premiere: B2 – Modat – Say What [JJW001]

The debut wax release from Johnny Johnny comes with a bang.

After eight EPs released digitally starting from mid 2017, it was only time for the Glasgow based promoter and imprint to join the physical releases club.

So far, Johnny Johnny’s catalogue advocates a brand of house and techno music that goes against the grain and coherently, the first 12″, “Proxy EP” do not disappoint at all. Two Tail and Modat shares the two sides, with a different approach that creates a versatile weapon for the dancefloor.

On A-side, Two Tail’s ‘Moth Plant’ is full of gritty bass and a subtle grooves that will certainly shake the dancefloor. Second track is named ‘Somewhere Over There’ and its rinsed with distant chords and pressing pads, together with an interesting change in rhythm followed by a powerful drop.

B-side is Modat playground, with ‘That’s Good’ and ‘Say What’, our premiere. B1 showcase a repeated catchy vocal intelligently placed on a blips and bloops patterns, while B2 has a more house and breakbeat approach, filled with a great and dreamy vocal that sustain the track from beginning to end.

It is absolutely clear that the team behind Johnny Johnny did their homework, providing a solid EP perfect for a debut. We are almost certain you will hear this for a long while

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