Premiere: B2 – Borren – Dat Djooz [UNS002]

Borren Unsilenced Music VA artwork

Unsilenced Music are back with their next VA, following the successful launch of their record label last year. The Amsterdam collective came together a few years previous back in 2019. Colombian met French met Dutch, bringing together a blend of electronic grooves from across continents. The collective has grown and the next bunch of artists have been welcomed. We’ll be taking the offering of Borren for the premiere.

Borren, also known as U Know The Drill, is a firm fixture in the Dutch dance scene. In the past, he has played events across Amsterdam and Rotterdam. In more recent times, it seems he has been particularly busy in the studio. With lots of new music expected to be released this year, Borren’s contribution to the Unsilenced Music VA Vol 2 marks his first of 2022.

Closing out the record with ‘Dat Djooz’ (affectionately named after the artist’s pal) is a hefty fusion of breakbeat and deep house. A large dose of garage is driven by a big bassline, as the baton is passed between breaks and bass. The blend is constant, moving across tempos, switching focus around the sound.

Medley becomes manipulated further, as filters swallow elements, drifting from sharp percussion and a growling undercurrent. Soft melodies tickle the belly, but the standout feel translates to a stomping mover.

As a whole, the VA is diverse in style. Oward opens with ‘Messe Basse’, an energetic house beat fuelled by groove. Admo strips it back, driving a more minimalistic sound in the Ibizire mix of ‘Expensive Pleasures’. Adam Collins switches up cool vocal in ‘Where You From’, storytelling over plodding house.

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