Premiere: B1 – Pîrvu – dOi de TT [USTORY002]

Although they have only had one release to date Understory, the record label from Clovis and Matt Foley is “deeply rooted” in the world minimal scene. With the first outing featuring a trio of broken beat jams from Inner, John Manhard, and Denis Kaznacheev the second outing comes via Club Guesthouse resident Pîrvu.

We pick up with B1 track ‘dOi de TT’ and we find Pîrvu in a more straight-up dancefloor mood. Distorted synths join a waning string-like synth which, alongside some crunchy percussion builds a serious amount of tension before releasing with some nicely warped vocals. B1 is quite unique in its approach when considering the remainder of the ‘TT’ EP.

Flipping the record back over to the A1 Pîrvu treads similar wigged out territory with ‘Roboței La Kilogram’ but in a similar vein to the previous release where breakbeats and lush pads and elongated synths do most of the work. This time around the breakbeats are more in an electro vibe with punchy 707 snares doing the damage.

A2 ‘Șarpe Meridian‘ maintains the punch of the EP and features some nicely arranged vocal chops and an excellent bassline. Rounding out the release nicely on B2 is ‘U1’ is a stunning atmospheric cut that joins the remainder of the EP in the bags of artists such as Dan Andrei and Rhadoo of all people. Keep a very close eye on this label as it continues to deliver fresh and original underground music with each release.

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