Premiere: B1 – DJ Gerald – Stuva [TUNEZ002]

DJ Gerald

DJ Gerald aka Himalaya Juice Culture steps up for the second release of the Fresh Tunez sublabel from the System Error collective.

Following a well received debut from hardware wizard Luca Piermattei, DJ Gerald brings five versatile dance floor cuts to this release. The elusive producer propelled onto the scene back in 2019 with the highly sought after ‘Dr Q-Tip’ cut for the Madrid based Onvi label that featured recently on the channels.

Varying influences are evident throughout the tracks, touching on ethereal atmospheres and cosy basslines tinged with acid and fizzing breakbeats. ‘Stuva’ explores the rave-ready end of the palate in the premiered B1. Menacing acid lines pin a lean groove together, bringing a driving sense of urgency to the track, whilst bright, cheery chords flutter overhead.

Multiple sultry breakdowns change up the energy throughout the track. Whether its stripping back the drums to allow melodic elements to sing, or bringing the acid to the foreground, sections unfold with a slick and satisfying tension. The mood buried in melodic elements of the track bring a lush feeling of nostalgia, looping over simple chords and dreamy, intimate pad sequences.

Sounds are warm and full, cutting through the mix with a firm presence, packed with the same grainy texture as much of this scene’s analogue producers. Gradually building with a loose, jam-like arrangement, inspired by the raw and colourful aesthetic produced by old hardware and synthesisers, and much of the 90s dance music played heavily across the contemporary digging community.

Tight drum machine rhythms flex a classic, retroverted aesthetic gasping for a crisp sound system. ‘M.rx7’ and ‘Weakand’ meander through hopeful moods on the A side, boasting buoyant, fruity basslines amongst dreamy melodies and slinky drum programming keeping the energy moving.

‘Yamaha’ moves through more pensive shades of crafty techno-inspired moods on the flip. Drums are tight and loaded with character, flirting with slick bleepy melodies swimming through serene atmospheres bringing an emotive, classy tendency to the release.

Closing up the record with a stunning end-of-night tear-jerker, ‘Hey Hey Stay One Two’ bends trippy Boards of Canada-esque vocal work around a subtle break beat, and sultry synth work to conclude this versatile record.

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