Premiere: B1 – Brooht – Yellow Magic [MR.B003]

I discovered the name of Brooht in the tough summer of 2022 when he was one of the few names, that debuted in my hometown (spoiler – wait for the editorial about that summer on Trommel soon). He did a great live performance and a bit later I was notified, that he was readying the release on Mr.Banger label. Of course, we had to have a piece from it.

This time the choice was obvious – “Yellow Magic” is the best track on the release and, probably, the best track, he’s ever made. The very fast tempo with a very short intro, that almost instantly gives us a great bassline here as a base. And then, around the 0:40 point we have the best part. That dreamy, almost nostalgic melody, that appears here, puts a smile on those dancing faces, every time you play it – worked for me, at least. And the main banger part is just after this one. If Mr.Banger needed an anthem – this should be their top pick. He did some sort of edit for this one, when he played another live during the New Year party in my hometown, and, I must say, even elements of this track work perfectly on the dancefloor.

“In The Sky”, which opens the record, is moderately aggressive and a bit modified electro piece. “Vox”, its a-side neighbor, is a steamy roller, that feels like it wants to be played at an even faster speed, than it is. And “Zanzibar”, which is finishing MR.B003, has some elements, that sounds very close to our main track today. Consider it as a cousin of “Yellow Magic”. With a bit of an ethnic touch here, if you want.

At least, because of “Yellow Magic”, you should give this record a try. Soon it will be available at Deejay, Decks, KMA60 and other good record shops. You know, what to do.

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