Premiere: B1 – Antoine Kiim – Cafe Disco (AK’s Rare Groove Dub) [MEP001]

Sadly, around a year ago Ghanaian artist Antoine Kiim lost what would be his debut album. However, what was his loss has now found a new lease of life as a vinyl only imprint Mise En Place. The “Land Down Dunder” presents many sonic ideas, but few would have placed the source of its inspiration at the door of The Office (US).

We head straight to B1 where Antoine has provided a Rare Groove Dub of his own “Cafe Disco”. While the original version remains a tightly held secret (for now), we can be sure that this iteration is a track to savor. Where the kicks fall more muted than perhaps other dancefloor tracks, this is no less impactful. The prominent bassline probes in a most satisfying direction and the hazy synths lend very nicely to the feeling of euphoria that will undoubtedly be felt by the crowd. Arpeggiating synths are a nice addition too, adding to the frenetic energy that is balanced by the paddy atmosphere that gently swirls in the background.

Completing side B is “Threat Level Midnight” and this is most definitely designed for more mind bending moments. The dark bassline that undulates throughout the track certainly gives a nod to the magical period of each night, the atmospheres and pads that are conjured up are most thought provoking. 

Flipping back over to side A and we find the funk fueled “Australian Reds” and the French flecked groover unturns many musical ideas that all combine to provide an energetic ride. Again, this is by no means a straight shot from start to finish but this is becoming a theme of the EP as the aim is to impress and impress it certainly does. Completing this first release on Mise En Place is “Colombian Whites” and the title implies a most interesting production process, but speaks to Antoine’s diverse skills in the studio. 

You can buy MEP001 from Small Black Dots.

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