Premiere: A2 – Tom Frankel – Bocadillo [MGR002]

Tom Frankel shapes a four track EP for the second release of Miami based Mind Gap Records.

The US label launched onto the circuit late last year with a delightful collab EP from Marc Brauner & David Silver. Moods delve into joyful house territories and slick breakbeats laced with blissful acid lines prime for the dance floor. Percussion and energies nod to the 90s with classy 909 drums caressing lush ravey vocals and uplifting chord sequences. It’s the kind of timeless, stripped back house music that manages to combine a plethora of influences into clean and club ready cuts.

London producer Tom Frankel continues his workhorse output for the label’s second release. His productions spread themselves between his two projects Shellers and Council Work, showcasing the depth of his genre-spanning tastes between house, breaks and minimal flavours, as well as more recently releasing a six-track EP on the mighty Shall Not Fade.

‘Bocadillo’ sees the more stripped back, playful side of his palate. Shuffly drums pave the way for a lush, spiralling bassline teasing itself between peak time and warm up atmospheres. You can picture the track keeping people hooked at sunrise after a long session in the club, just as easily as warming up an open-air party or keeping the party rolling.

Dreamy synth notes sing at the rear of the mix, creating a satisfying call and response like unison with the low end. Elements gradually begin to conversate with one another, washing into warm puddles of delay, or slotting beneath a snappy snare drum. It’s the sign of a producer in comfortable form, allowing elements to grow naturally throughout the track, playing with tension and release to great effect.

The label nails the concept of the release in describing it as ‘splitting the difference between rave nostalgia and dance music futurism’. Sounds and ideas lean towards a futuristic and forward thinking motive, whilst capturing the spirit and emotion attached to rave culture.

The lead track ‘Space Cake’ dials in this aesthetic. Ethereal melodies flutter behind a massive, brooding bassline and fierce breakbeats ready to bring a sound system to life. Subtle gated work adds a nice depth to the track, giving vocal samples and neat stabs a gorgeous shimmer that washes over the mix. It’s definitely a hands on head, eyes closed kind of vibe.

B1’s ‘Leopard Print’ explores a dubby atmosphere within dreamy deep house territories, whilst the B2 ‘Margin Call’ concludes this timeless record with elegant vocals and smooth synth work.

Buy the record at the label’s Bandcamp.

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