Premiere: A2 – Teluric – Sea Of Tranquility [EAT004]

Producer Mihai Mihalcea AKA Teluric had a fantastic 2018. With releases on YYK and Janaret‘s Joule Imprint. Of course, it’s easy to see why he’s getting nods of approval from within Yoyaku circles. The Romanian is a patient craftsman of music, with an already developed sense of tension building that only comes after years of putting out music.

An album in underground electronic music is a far bigger landmark than it is in say, pop music. Only artists who feel totally at one with their music or simply need a longer playtime to convey their message dare venture into the album output realm.

This may seem premature to some, but on a first listen to Teluric’s Signals From The Moon, being released on Belgium’s Eating Records, it’s clear that Mihalcea is more than ready. With that in mind, we’re incredibly happy to be able to share A2’s ‘Sea of Tranquility’.

The track starts off as more of a hard dance track, with a throbbing drum pattern and vibrant claps thrown in for good measure. As the track progresses, zaps of acid are sliced into the track before Teluric shows off his signature talent for crafting a melody with an absolute stunning bassline woven in. The esoteric sensation created by the floating synths gift the listener an unbelievable sense of tranquillity without the track name hinting at it before.

With a further seven tracks across four sides of wax, there’s plenty of excellent music accompanying Sea of Tranquility. Presale has started over at Decks and the album will be hitting stores in April.

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