Premiere: A2 – Sunaas – Flat Banger [LBMR002]

The French crew La Boomerie is ready to kick it again. Last year we had them with a very nice compilation, now the whole job will be on Sunaas. You could recognize the name from the fifth Chat Noir Tools release. And I can easily say that this record is at least that great. At least.

Our today’s track will not play any games with you. What can I say – if you name your track “Flat Banger”, there are only two options – it will be a real flat banger (spoiler – like this one), or it will do the opposite (in case you are some kind of mommy’s little comic). From the first second we can understand what we’ll have here. Great break, some sizzling bassline and catchy quirks that will follow a little bit later in the track. The second part also develops well with some not-really-expected additions to this combination. Nice one, should have its time in the summer sets worldwide.

The A2 was the final premiere on the record, all other ones were premiered long ago, but, in case, you missed them… The record starts from another banger, a straight one this time, called “Air-To-Ground”. The B-side is catching up with a slightly lighter track “Mos Eisley Takeover” and “Space Raiders” on B2 is wrapping the whole release up into some kind of spacey outro (still danceable though).

That’s it – the EP was made for the summer, so you better catch it up soon on Juno, Deejay, Decks or wherever you’re buying your wax.

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