Premiere: A2 – Elias Sternin – Esta Maqunia [SHBS001]

Elias Sternin, co-founder of Ratiug Recordings alongside Artesano Titer, steps away from his own label to support something new. Shubs is the latest addition to an ever expanding family in the Latin American country of Uruguay. It wasn’t long ago that fellow compadre Titer marked the launch of another label URU, from which we premiered. The pair are clearly doing their bit for the scene out there, pushing further forward the sound.

The first instalment on Shubs comes packed with five original tracks from Sternin. Human Thoughts combined With A Digital Computer – an unknowingly obvious statement that makes for a clever EP title. It also signifies a busy year for the Uruguayan artist, releasing several productions and delivering a handful of mixes.

‘Esta Maquina’ on the A side is a percussive piece, swinging through the breaks of hi hat and snare. The beat remains cool while sharp synths signal rave like energies that glide through the bars. Bassline is faint – this one is all about the rhythm. Garage becomes fused with rave stabs and a catchy vocal sample that you will in part have heard before.

As it says in the name the machines are taking over in this one through an electronic blend, grinding through high intensities of pitch and stretched melodies. Electro breakbeat dusted with strings and a feel for a big room, set to be bounce between the walls of the warehouse.

The collection features a cameo from Sir David Attenborough in the ‘Intro’ and a fusion of deep, grooving house across the rest. The record itself will be distributed by STO Records and is due for release on 30th October.

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