Premiere: A1 – Vladimir Gnatenko – Storm – [WWM010]

Vladimir Gnatenko, as I can see, got, probably the warmest feedback from the fans amongst producers on the whole Ukrainian electronic scene. If you miss his live performance anywhere – you’ll hear about it for a long time after it happens from the people who didn’t. Not a surprising thing really – when he’s in his best shape and mood, his live performances can do magic. So can his tracks. You’ll hear it right now since we have a piece of him on Where We Met.

“Storm” should be a perfect one for you if you’ve never heard Vladimir before. A very Gnatenkish one with the leaning onto the dance side of his production. With all those hypnotic slides and trance feel, echoed samples here and there, not really an easy structure but quite an easy drive. A lot of people could start their sets with this one, but I really can imagine him playing this in the middle of his live.

“Roosblom” is a bit faster – a very nice combination of straight and broken beats, here they are really tied together, closer to the end of the track, you’ll feel that too. “Toevlug” is showing us an example of Vladimir’s work with some dreamy breaks, “Skarrel” after its huge intro evolves into a hell of a banger. Still playing on both sides of straight and broken beats. Like the whole record, really.

The record already started its way to the bags and shelves of buyers. Don’t miss it too – on Juno, Deejay, Redeye or wherever you’re buying your wax.

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