Premiere: A1 – Twelve Clouds – Nova [TC001]

Twelve Clouds release artwork

Our latest premiere comes from a Belgian artist floating gently under the radar like a cumulonimbus. Little can be said about Twelve Clouds other than the concept behind who they are. Born of a figment of someone’s imagination and strictly operating incognito. Who that someone is, we really can’t be sure.

The label bears the same name and supports a digital platform. After only a recent announcement of the launch, three digital tracks are poised at the ready for release this week. We have ‘Nova’ on the premiere.

Deep bassline throbs groove in effortless fashion while percussion patters with vigour. Pacey hi-hats tap rhythm, loaded with swing and a deep sense to move. Compressed samples filter and flutter in the background, a constant flow of minimal flavour complimented by a chopped down vocal.

Niceties ooze in the form of a soft synth line that only makes its appearance at the end of a few bars. Less is more and when it comes, it brings comfort with it. And it comes tickled by a delightful little melody, trickling over its pleasant platform. ‘Nova’ is a nice warm-up, injected with just the right balance of energy and calm.

‘Him & Always’ blends the rounded bassline with a housier flavour, focused more on the highs. Building energy in the right way, keeping that tripped out minimalism as heard in the first. ‘Feeble’ is a little more determined, focused on deeper undertones and bubbling enthusiasm.

Buy the digital EP on Bandcamp from 4th June.

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