Premiere: A1 – Stoi – Insular Club [CTE001]

Fresh to the circuit is Stockholm based label Continue Records. The first release has been months in the making, with the label announcement coming from head honcho Doviu back in May this year. Doviu is no stranger to the scene in Stockholm, having hosted parties in the city over the last few years, most recently via Path Forward. Now, he’s adding a label to the fold and has invited Stoi to kick off proceedings with an injection of Romanian flavour.

When your tracks start being played at Sunwaves you know you’ve done good. Exactly that happened with Stoi’s previous release Hai Cu Noi, celebrated by Dubtil. It seems Dubtil is also digging CTE001 and we can see why. Two deep pulsating numbers packed with punch from the off.

The B side, Bass Pro Shop has a growling bassline that lazily drifts in and out of focus while the drums keep the pace. Relaxing high notes combat the sinister undertones of this one, a cool shroud of mystery that is deep and intriguing.

Insular Club could be the more powerful of the two. The driving bassline keeps a moody march throughout the track, layered with deep, dark synths aimed at airily hypnotising crowds with their spooky undertones. Grinding notes twang in and out while chorus excerpts drift along from what sounds like a freaky church choir from the Medieval.

All the elements seem to be synchronised with the same purpose – dark, mysterious mind bending. One too many mind altering substances on the dancefloor and you might consider yourself on a haunting trip through the underworld.

This track is a great tool to fixate the crowd into the music and open up the possibilities of where to go next, whether it’s deeper and darker or a blast of groove to bring your people back into the land of the living. Away from the club, the record itself is a luxury packed inside-out 180g with fiery, volcanic artwork which might have been taken from the realms of hell itself – looking pretty in a record collection.

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