Premiere: A1 – Saudade – Cantalo Conmigo [SAUDE001]

Saudade - SAUDE001 artwork

We welcome a new label to the world of vinyl only. SAUDE! which means ‘cheers’ in Portuguese, comes as a well thought out package from the mind of Saudade.

The Brazilian artist draws on a range of influences in curation of both the message behind the platform and the music born from it.. Latin rhythms took hold of him during studies in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro. Combine such flavour of South America with some stints of partying at some of the finest European techno clubs and it’s bound to leave you with some ideas for the sound.

Bringing those ideas to reality is the hard part, but Saudade has done it and his own vinyl only label showcases the results. His first EP comes with two originals and a remix from Lowris, partnering with French painter Louis Stecken who has designed the artwork with the music in mind.

The record opens with ‘Cantalope Caude’, a deep roller driven by a minimalistic groove. Short, snappy vocal teases over a melodic bassline, with snippets of the title that soon become full recognition of the Portuguese word.

Percussion of course plays its part and the aforementioned rhythms much loved by Saudade are quite clearly heard in the beat. Snares tap, shakers shake, hi’s hiss gently. Plentiful sounds of samba take hold, in keeping with the dedication to Salguiero samba school in Rio, which inspired the label art.

It’s a perfect excuse to get up and dance. Buy the record from or Juno, available for pre-order now. You can also catch Saudade playing his first ever live gig at Madame Loyal in Paris on 30th July.

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